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    ¡@¡@Our factory, founded in 1991, have a history more than ten years up to now.During this period because of high quality of products and good service we have made great strides by the unremitting efforts of all the workers of our factory. Our scale is expanding gradually. the area of factory buildings has exceeded 2000 ¢T and Our factory has more than 80 sets of large-sized¡Bmedium-sized and small-size production equipment as yet. Strive for survival, development on the basis of equality, which is the development purpose of our factory. In dec, 2002 our sailed through all the inspection and evaluation of Peking New Century Quality System Attestation Company and on 17th, jan, 2003 acquired the Certificate of ISO9001 Quality System. The number of specialized personnel and workers of our factory has topped 60. All of them have the Senior High School Educational background or above.
    ¡@¡@Company cars, motorcycles cable above the metal stamping products, which are 500 different types, these special high-tensile equipment, the maximum capacity of these parts of the 110MM. but I can venture companies is quite difficult for the various automotive metal stamping parts, with independent development, the design of new products, the greatest pressure equipment Chong reach 160-320 tons. Companies, after 10 years of development was a stable market. My cable company is a manufacturer of metal stamping parts are the starting point for domestic companies matching, and the supporting companies are : Lee De Chongqing, Lee De Guangzhou, Shanghai Talim, Shiyan 59.1% of the total Wuxi, Jiangyin Yuan, Guangzhou Richfield, Xu Ruixin (Fuzhou) Xu Ruixin (Shanghai), and so on Hainan HSBC Taiwan. Products are mainly used in luxury cars above, such as Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, Nissan, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, southeast car and exported to Japan and some countries in Europe and America.
    ¡@¡@Welcome to the cable companies and automobile manufacturing factory to the company tours, let us common development. Work together to create the 21st century the vast sky! Our common wish to follow the wave of reform and opening up, joining the WTO firmly seize development opportunities to glory tomorrow.

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